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3D GDSII - Out of the Box

Semiconductor and MEMS structures are difficult to visualize for even the most seasoned EDA professional - and ever-increasing design and fabrication process complexity compounds the issue daily. Editor screen-shots or simple 3D GDSII views are no longer enough to capture the full complexity of your design structures.

Sample 3D GDSII Cell Structures from the Gallery

ShapeshifteR specializes in realtime, high-quality 3D GDSII extraction and display.

From sober engineering diagrams to eye-catching multitextured full-perspective displays, from plan views of routing to cutaways deep into the substrate, Koala blows away problems of scale and complexity by presenting your designs in eye-catching fully interactive 3D. Huge GDSII designs are loaded and ready for interaction within seconds.

Explore the Gallery and Koala links to learn more about how koala can help you with patent applications and lawsuits, design presentations and reviews, and to make your next DAC booth really stand out from the crowd.

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