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Semiconductor and MEMS structures are difficult to visualize for even the most seasoned EDA professional - and ever-increasing design and fabrication process complexity compounds the issue daily. Editor screen-shots or simple 3d GDSII views are no longer enough to capture the full complexity of your design structures.


ShapeshifteR is committed to providing the best possible product to its customers. With Nokia's announcement that Qt 4.5 is licensed under LGPL, the koala kernel will be migrated away from its current Win32 interface to leverage this powerful technology. This move will simultaneously enhance koala's user interface, and allow us to port and to supply koala on a wider range of platforms, including Linux and Solaris.

We are anticipating a rapid switch-over, but until the move is complete, distribution of koala has been temporarily suspended.

Free downloads of beta versions will be available from March 31.

We sincerely apologize to customers for any delay, and invite you to explore the Services link, or to bookmark and revisit our site later on this year.

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