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There are many GDSII viewers available. Public domain, open-source, freeware, commercial, plugins. What makes Koala different? Koala is much more than just a high-speed 3D GDSII viewer. Ideal for exploration of EDA structures from individual transistors, through standard cells and intricate vertical routing up to full designs, Koala extracts the fabricated structures such as diffusion from the GDSII layout using user-defined Boolean equations and displays 3D layout as it appears on the silicon.

Key Features

Addressing a wide range of needs, Koala is built around an intuitive user interface, providing immediate access to its advanced productivity enhancing functionality throughout the design creation and validation phases, right into final marketing. From quick and easy layout viewing, to final insertions of cells before mask generation, via advanced hierarchical integration of blocks, including solutions for preserving confidentiality in case of verifications.

  • Display arbitrary devices or geometry.
    Koala is not restricted to the source GDSII. The extraction engine displays derived geometry so you can configure it to show transistor channels, via fills, non-planar effects or even to highlight DRC errors. Extracted layers displayed in real-time even on the largest designs
  • Interactive cutaways through your design in X, Y and Z.
    Inspect the inner workings of your design, deep into the substrate, unlimited by scale restrictions.
  • Interactive 3D display.
    Unlike standard 3D viewers, Koala allows real-time rotation, zooming and panning of enormous designs, and its state of the art multi texturing, lighting, environment mapping and shadow generation engine guarantees a stunningly fluid result.
  • Reliably loads huge designs with GDSII format error detection and correction.
    Koala has been optimised to work with today's huge designs with even the most restricted computing platform.
Beyond its technical role, Koala is ideal for displaying complex designs to a non-technical audience.

Unlike traditional processors which require require complete flattening and merging of the entire design before deriving fabrication layers, Koala's unique incremenal algorithms guarantee lightning fast-loading and immediate, real-time display of cross-sections and 3d views of the largest GDSII designs with minimal memory and CPU requirements.

Layers embedded deep within the substrate layers such as the wells, Epi, STI, and even the transistor channels can be derived and viewed in dynamic X, Y and Z cross-sections.

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