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Semiconductor and MEMS structures are difficult to visualize for even the most seasoned EDA professional - and ever-increasing design and fabrication process complexity compounds the issue daily. Editor screen-shots or simple 3d GDSII views are no longer enough to capture the full complexity of your design structures.

From sober engineering diagrams to eye-catching multitextured full-perspective displays, from plan views of routing to cut-aways deep into the substrate, Koala blows away problems of scale and complexity by presenting your designs in eye-catching fluidly animated 3D.

Sample 3D GDSII Cell Structures
One of a series taken from the top-level cell in a 5000 by 5000 micron test-chip. The process description used for these images uses realistic heights and thicknesses, and colors all metallic layers the same way. Other than the P and N wells there is little detail in the substrate.

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